Smile Education MBBS Admission Provider in Bangladesh

MBBS Admission within 20 Lakhs Package

MBBS Admission within 20 Lakhs Package

MBBS Fees in Bangladesh within 20 Lakhs Total Package in 5 years study including Hostel Accommodation.


MBBS Fees in Bangladesh

Financial Details for Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

SN Name of the Medical College Tuition Fee (Full 5 yr Course) Indian Rs


1 Eastern Medical College US$ 38,000 (Including Hostel) INR 2470000
2 Bangladesh Medical College US$ 42,000/- INR 2730000
3 Dhaka National Medical College US$ 45,000/- INR 2925000
4 Monno Medical College US$ 34,500/- INR 2242500
5 Uttara Adhunik Medical College US$ 41,000/- INR 2665000
6 Barind Medical College US$ 36,000 (Including Hostel) INR 2340000
7 Southern Medical College US$ 33,500 (Including Hostel) INR 2177500
8 Ennam Medical College US$ 40,000 (Including Hostel) INR 2600000
9 Green Life Medical College US$ 40,000 (Including Hostel) INR 2600000
10 BGC Trust Medical College US$ 32000 (Including Hostel) INR 2080000
11 Medical College for Women (Girls Only) US$ 52000 INR 3380000
12 Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College US$ 38000 (Including Hostel) INR 2470000


For Admission & Visa Processing Contact Smile Education Consultancy (Authorized)

Fees may vary in Indian currency, due to change in Dollar ($) price

All Fees pay directly to Colleges.

Do not pay any cash or Chq or Draft to any Admission Agents.  College not responsible for that.


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